Zombie Aid 2

Here is Dave's follow up post about the charity event that didn't give any money to charity (which is why Dave raised some himself recently) - and the guy who says he still wants to run another one...

The Manchester Evening News have covered the story (sadly a bit overshadowed by the riots), yet Carl is still saying on FaceBook that his next event is only "postponed". WTF? 

If you read through the comments to Dave's original post on the issue, you'll get to see us being heavily insulted by a guy called "Simon". Guess who he shares an IP addy with? 

British TV

The highly esteemed BBC aired the following 18 seconds of viewing, during a time slot set aside for young children...So it IS safe for work. But there again, it is obviously intentionally FILTHY!

I'm pretty sure that Barney the Dinosaur has never exploded his love-juice over a man's face on one of your toddlers' TV shows, has he, my American friends?

Love Is...

Love is: Holding in a poo, so that you don't have to walk across in front of your boyfriend and his mate, whilst they play some Rock Band game or other.

Brandon Online

Ever wondered what it sounds like (not the voice, just the manner) to play an online game with Brandon? Check out the first 4 mins of this VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK video.

It's part of a series called Arby 'n' the Chief, a Halo based comedy animation series. I think it is absolutely HILARIOUS, because when they discuss online games, Master Chief reminds me of Brandon and Arby reminds me of Unimag.

In the above clip, the kid online sounds more like Brandon (whereas normally I liken him to Master Chief), so it isn't typical (and you won't appreciate the rest of the video out of context, so don't bother with that).

One last thing, Master Chief makes fun of people by making the sound of his "roflcopter"... It goes "soi soi soi soi soi". He has the voice of "Microsoft Sam", available via your Control Panel. Go there, type that in and hear the most ODD sound ever made by the voice facility on your PC.


I've lost 21 lbs in about the last nine weeks and I'm very happy about that (although admittedly I *did* have an organ full of stones cut out of me during that time, which must have helped). I am still far from my goal weight but I am the kind of person who stays on track, once they have made a decision... So yeah, go me, the day will come. Of course, the problem is keeping it off but I will face that when I get to it.

HOWEVER, not everyone has my level of resolve, or ambition. For instance, a girl who belongs to the same weight-loss forum as me (you don't get to see ALL my online activities here you know) is complaining that she can't find the motivation to carry on dieting, because


I shit you not.

Now, whilst I can perfectly understand somebody getting into the situation where weight creeps on and chairs become a problem... How in HELL can somebody recognise that they have expanded to a vast size, address that issue, prove to themselves that it is possible to lose weight, become small enough to squash into a human chair and then go "Fuck it, I can't be bothered to diet now! I can fit through doors and sit on furniture! Pass me the nachos and cheese! In fact, wrap 'em up in a pizza!"? Does she really think that she has DONE ENOUGH? Is that really the limit of this girl's physical aspirations?

I think fitting into a fucking chair should be a MARKER on the way to her goal, not the GOAL itself. Raise the bar, lady.

And NO, she isn't American.

Keyhole Of Horror

I haven't been around much on LJ lately. One of the reasons for that is that last Monday I was stabbed five times and had my gallbladder sliced out, using a hot wire...I know there is a fancy name for the operation but I've forgotten what it is. I can tell you that it was "keyhole surgery" (hence all the tiny wounds) and that it healed up fast, with just a few sticking plasters and a bit of mild pain-relief (after the event...I mean, they knocked me out to do it).

So it is, as they say, "all good"... Apart from the way my belly-button looks.

Now, I don't want to complain about a successful operation, with a phenomenally easy recovery and a price tag of ZERO pounds (ah, British medical care) BUT - going in through a hole just below my belly-button left a scar that looks... Well, it looks like my belly-button is twice the size it used to be. I think maybe Unimag has made me feel worse about it than I should do...

Me: What do you think of my belly-button? I think it looks a bit odd.

Unimag (my loving boyfriend): Jesus Christ, it is FREAKISH!

Me: No, you're supposed to say it looks OK and that it will settle down...

Unimag: But it is HUGE. Ughhh! Fucking hell, don't keep showing it to me!

Me: How is that supportive?!

Unimag: I can't think of anything supportive to say. I mean, it looks like it was designed by David Cronenberg.

*Sigh*. Like I said, I'm recovering fast. I wonder how long it will be until I am fit enough to kick him up the arse?

South Park

WTF?! I have ALWAYS thought that Mr. Garrison's puppet was called "Mr. Head". NOW I find out, from Unimag (who is taking the piss out of me as we speak), that the puppet is called "Mr. HAT".

I repeat, WTF?!

I blame all you Americans for having such a stupid fucking accent. Say "hat" properly and stop making it sound like "head".


Will somebody please pm me a code? I might go over there and look around. If I set up shop it will likely be a more focussed project than this journal, but I don't have a theme yet.

P.S. British spelling may be present in this post.

EDIT: No matter, the lovely zoethe has obliged me.