June 8th, 2009


Keyhole Of Horror

I haven't been around much on LJ lately. One of the reasons for that is that last Monday I was stabbed five times and had my gallbladder sliced out, using a hot wire...I know there is a fancy name for the operation but I've forgotten what it is. I can tell you that it was "keyhole surgery" (hence all the tiny wounds) and that it healed up fast, with just a few sticking plasters and a bit of mild pain-relief (after the event...I mean, they knocked me out to do it).

So it is, as they say, "all good"... Apart from the way my belly-button looks.

Now, I don't want to complain about a successful operation, with a phenomenally easy recovery and a price tag of ZERO pounds (ah, British medical care) BUT - going in through a hole just below my belly-button left a scar that looks... Well, it looks like my belly-button is twice the size it used to be. I think maybe Unimag has made me feel worse about it than I should do...

Me: What do you think of my belly-button? I think it looks a bit odd.

Unimag (my loving boyfriend): Jesus Christ, it is FREAKISH!

Me: No, you're supposed to say it looks OK and that it will settle down...

Unimag: But it is HUGE. Ughhh! Fucking hell, don't keep showing it to me!

Me: How is that supportive?!

Unimag: I can't think of anything supportive to say. I mean, it looks like it was designed by David Cronenberg.

*Sigh*. Like I said, I'm recovering fast. I wonder how long it will be until I am fit enough to kick him up the arse?