Scarlet (scarletdemon) wrote,

Brandon Online

Ever wondered what it sounds like (not the voice, just the manner) to play an online game with Brandon? Check out the first 4 mins of this VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK video.

It's part of a series called Arby 'n' the Chief, a Halo based comedy animation series. I think it is absolutely HILARIOUS, because when they discuss online games, Master Chief reminds me of Brandon and Arby reminds me of Unimag.

In the above clip, the kid online sounds more like Brandon (whereas normally I liken him to Master Chief), so it isn't typical (and you won't appreciate the rest of the video out of context, so don't bother with that).

One last thing, Master Chief makes fun of people by making the sound of his "roflcopter"... It goes "soi soi soi soi soi". He has the voice of "Microsoft Sam", available via your Control Panel. Go there, type that in and hear the most ODD sound ever made by the voice facility on your PC.

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